And we are up!

Andddddd we're up!
A few months after my BCom is over and after a lot of hours into researching how I could make my site interesting, I think I have hit upon it!

Looking at how much time I spend on the internet, I’m looking at making this site more of a compilation of the most interesting things I come across.

Add to that, things I do and think and come up with and we have a winner! A fun website!

Therein we arrive at the name THINGS I THINK - simply because everything that comes up on this page is something I have thought about for sometime atleast :)
(Please do not try to abbreviate the name of the blog. It will be hazardous to its publicity haha)

The first thing I’m thinking right now is that website building is too complicated for the average user! The parameters and the specifications, the settings and the technicalities should all be simplified by the super geniuses for us lower mortals. More like a drag and drop.

If you turned up at my site expecting my professional profile/portfolio and such: sorry! I’m too cool for all that..ha!

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